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What follows is a description of the home inspection process.

   What To Expect

Typically, the inspection begins outside where your inspector discusses both the good and the bad points of the exterior of the house and property. The roof is walked on, and not only the roof shingles, but chimney, flashing, vent pipes, and any other roof projections are evaluated.

At all times during the inspection you are encouraged to ask questions and convey to the inspector any concerns or perhaps plans for remodeling you may have.

The basement is the next area that is inspected. It is here that the basic structure of the house can be seen. Next, the heating, cooling, and electrical systems are evaluated. The hot water tank and plumbing system is carefully inspected.

Next step is the attic. If at all possible evaluate the structure in addition to insulation and ventilation.

The bathrooms and kichen areas are very important. The flooring, walls, ceilings and interior windows are carefully inspected. All water appliances are tested for adequate flow and leaks.

During the inspection a check of infestation of termites will be performed. Here, a summary of the inspection is discussed, and any final questions answered until you are fully satisfied and confident that you have a good understanding of your new home.

New or Old

We Inspect


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